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A reputation for attention to detail and genuine commitment to customer service.

We take extra care of our customers’ carpet, upholstery and other surfaces, so they stay cleaner, longer – long after our service is complete. Take a look at the services we offer our Townsville clients.

Carpet Cleaning Services Townsville
Carpet Cleaning
Think carpet cleaning involves applying some product, then scrubbing and steaming? Nothing could be further from reality.
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Rug Cleaning Townsville
Rug Cleaning
Nice Threads is here to help guide you through the minefield, avoid potential damage, and make sure you get the best results possible.
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Stain Removal Townsville
Advanced Stain Removal
We know an awful lot about stain removal and are the only carpet cleaners in Townsville with WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider Certification.
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Fabric Protection Services Townsville
Fabric Protection
Fabric protection will buy you a bit more time with those fresh lounge feels, and stretch out the time required in between regular maintenance cleans.
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Tile & Grout Cleaning
Professional tile and grout cleaning is a heavy duty, deep clean executed by very powerful machinery to leave tiled floors looking brand new.
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Pest Management Townsville
Pest Management
Our licensed pest management technicians have a number of treatment options available to make your home less inviting for pests.
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carpet cleaners Townsville
Vacating Rental Packages
Having reliable, skilled, reasonably priced cleaners can make a huge difference to the stress of leaving behind a home or apartment.
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Home Beautiful Packages Townsville
Home Beautiful Packages
Regular cleaning and maintenance is wonderful, but sometimes areas such as our flooring, furniture and bedding can be overlooked. Contact us for a thorough clean.
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carpet cleaning Townsville
Property Management
The Nice Threads team is fully trained and committed to doing whatever it takes to make a property manager’s job easier and more streamlined.
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Air Conditioner Cleaning Townsville
Air Conditioner Cleaning
Air conditioner cleaning, when performed regularly, will also mean your system operates more efficiently, uses less power and will last longer.
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