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If you’re like us, bringing home a new lounge also comes with a new set of resolutions each time.Β 

You promise to uphold the ‘No food on the lounge’ rule… among others!

But it usually doesn’t take long before the realities of everyday life set in. Regardless of the age of your lounge, it’s never nice to see the marks accumulate and your furniture start to look old.

What fabric protection can do is buy you those fresh lounge feels for longer. This technique can also stretch out the time required in between regular maintenance cleans.Β 

If you do happen to have a serious spill on your lounge or other furniture, fabric protection provides you with precious extra moments to address the spill before it becomes a permanent stain.

Not all fabric protectors are created equal, so if you’ve decided fabric protection is for you, we can select the best protector for your lounge to ensure it adheres properly and keeps your lounge cleaner for as long as possible.

Residential Fabric Protection

Want to keep your new furniture looking its best for longer? Our services will buy you that extra time.

Office Fabric Protection

Get better value from your furniture investments with a protective treatment from Nice Threats

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