Mattress Sanitising


Mattress Sanitising Townsville

Mattress sanitising can sometimes produce the best before and after effects, “Like night and day”, as some customers have said. 

However, it’s important to be realistic about the types of results you can safely achieve with mattresses. 

Depending on what the stains are and how long they have been on your mattress, some marks won’t be able to be moved without high risk of breakage to the very fine fibres that make up mattresses. 

While we may not be able to completely remove every stain, our mattress sanitising services can guarantee a healthy, sanitised area on which to sleep soundly.

Residential & Hospitality Mattress Cleaning

Nice Threads can visit homes, hotels, motels or care centres to provide one-off or ongoing mattress cleaning. 

How it works

Book online or contact us to find out more about freshening up your mattress so it feels clean, comfortable and new. 

Your service may include an initial consultation so we can provide a quote.