Rug Cleaning


Rug Cleaning Townsville

Rugs are amazing with their wide variety of fibres, dyes and constructions. From plain to Persian, they can make an impressive difference to any room.

However, cleaning certain types of rugs can be an intricate process, or in some cases, actually not recommended at all. 

Rugs are often designed and purchased with aesthetics in mind, but maintenance requirements can sometimes get overlooked. We’re here to help guide you through the minefield, avoid potential damage, and make sure you get the best result possible.

Cleaning rugs: fibre matters

When we talk about fibre types, we don’t mean the construction, as in whether they are flat or shaggy. We’re referring to the kind of ‘material’ that makes up the rug. Often you can find this on a label on the underside of your rug.

Once  we know the material of your rug, the Nice Threads team can decide the best way to clean it so it looks as good as new. 

Cleaning synthetic fibres

If your rug contains only synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, you can refer to our standard pricing for rug cleaning. 

If you’re unsure, we can always have a look in person and let you know a cost estimate.

Natural Fibres

A specialised approach will be needed if your rug contains natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk. 

We’d love to speak with you to find out more about your individual pieces. Contact us to speak to a rug cleaning specialist today.

Buying a Rug

If you have a high traffic area or somewhere prone to spills and marks from little people, you may want to consider buying a rug that will reduce maintenance and increase the likelihood of any stains being removed. 

If this is the case, Nice Threads recommends purchasing a rug with synthetic fibres (such as polypropylene) rather than a rug which contains fibres like rayon, viscose, silk, cotton or wool. 

Feel free to contact us for care advice when considering your next purchase, we’d love to help answer your rug questions!

Residential Rug Cleaning

Want beautifully clean rugs throughout your home? Whether you just need a refresh or are preparing to sell, our services will leave your floor rugs looking good as new.

Talk to us about the removal of tough stains… there is very little we haven’t seen before! 

Office Rug Cleaning

Bright, clean rugs  give the right first impression. Give your Townsville office a ‘facelift’ from the floor up with a professional rug clean from Nice Threads. 

How it works

Book online or contact us to find out more about rug cleaning in Townsville. 

Your service may include an initial consultation so we can provide a quote. We are also happy to discuss a regular service package to meet your needs.