Lounge/Upholstery Cleaning


Lounge Cleaning in Townsville

Refresh your furniture

Lounges are very lived-on! 

Your lounge cops a fair amount of wear and soiling, and it’s often very noticeable when it is not looking its best. 

The experts at Nice Threads can get wonderful results with upholstery cleaning but all lounges are different, which is why we take a tailored approach to cleaning them.

Lounges are Different from Carpet

When determining the best combination of machinery, product and process to clean your lounge, it’s important to take into account the construction of the furniture. 

Unlike carpet, which has backing, underlay and flooring within a very short distance, upholstery has a deep section of padding, which in some cases can be quite absorbent. 

Overwetting the area can trap moisture and increase the risk of secondary problems occurring. 

It is vital that the correct volume of product and moisture is applied and that the machinery used is powerful enough to extract it. A lot of DIY carpet cleaning hire machines only produce about 60psi, whereas commercial grade equipment will utilise 300-2000 psi, depending on the job at hand.

The experts at Nice Threads put a lot of thought into the best approach for each and every lounge so that we leave them looking as bright and clean as possible.

You will be amazed at the difference we can achieve with our premium upholstery cleaning products and equipment.

Yes, we clean leather lounges!

Talk to us about cleaning your leather furniture or book an appointment online today.  

Residential Lounge/Upholstery Cleaning

Want beautifully clean furniture and upholstery throughout your home? Whether you just need a refresh or are preparing to sell, our services will leave even tired old furniture looking good as new.

Talk to us about the removal of tough stains… from red wine to clothing dye and ‘accidents’ from pets and kids, there is very little we haven’t seen before! 

Office Upholstery Cleaning

Don’t replace… refresh. Request a professional clean from Nice Threads to have your office furniture looking like new. 

How it works

Book your upholstery cleaning online or contact us to find out more. 

Your service may include an initial consultation so we can provide a quote. We are also happy to discuss a regular service package to meet your needs.