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Stain Removal Townsville


Staining is anything that remains after the cleaning process has been completed. 

We all know that cleaning alone does not always address all manner of staining and odour issues. 

Think of clothes, for example, that may still present with grass or sauce stains, even after cleaning. Luckily, further specialised products and treatments can be used, a lot of times successfully, to address these issues.

DIY Remedies

You may have found that no matter how much online research you do, often the suggested remedies for stains provide general advice only and are not successful in removing a lot of staining. 

Even worse, online stain recommendations can cause irreversible damage when used on the wrong fibres. 

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation around and sadly we receive many calls a day about stain removal gone wrong! 

In some cases, we can’t beat science. If the carpet or furniture fibre has been damaged to the point of no return, no amount of cleaning will fix it.

Townsville’s Stain Removal Experts

The good news is, we know an awful lot about stain removal. 

As the only carpet cleaners in Townsville with WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider Certification, we are amongst the top 5% of carpet cleaners worldwide and are regarded as the most highly trained and experienced in the industry. 

Once we have detailed information about the stain, we can quickly set about using the exact technique to remove your stains.

Pet Contamination

This warrants special mention because addressing pet contamination can be one of the most challenging issues to rectify. 

There are tricks we have up our sleeve and sometimes a single treatment may rectify the issue, on other occasions multiple treatments may be successful. 

However, we can only treat the carpet. If the issue lies past the underlay or in the structure of the floor itself, unfortunately, the carpet will need to be lifted and often replaced entirely. 

Success can depend on many factors so contact us to discuss your pet contamination issues in more detail.

Stain Removal Pricing

Nice Threads always aims to be transparent in our pricing and we have set task pricing readily available on nearly all of our services. 

Unfortunately giving an accurate price is not always possible with advanced stain removal and pet contamination as the specialty products used and the time required varies greatly. 

What we can promise is that we will always do the best job possible at the most competitive rate for you. 

We will always discuss expectations with you prior to commencing work and will only proceed with your agreement.

Residential Advanced Stain Removal

Want to finally get rid of those stains throughout your home? Whether you are just tired of looking at them or are preparing to sell, our services will leave your carpets and furniture looking good as new.

Talk to us about the removal of tough stains… there is very little we haven’t seen before! 

Office Advanced Stain Removal

Bright, stain-free carpets and office furniture give the right first impression. Give your Townsville office a ‘facelift’ from the floor up with a professional stain removal service from Nice Threads. 

How it works

Book online or contact us to find out more. Your service may include an initial consultation so we can provide an accurate quote.