Taking our Carpet Cleaning Business to 300 5-Star Reviews!

We recently achieved an amazing milestone – 300 5-STAR REVIEWS ? For a little family-run carpet cleaning business in Townsville we thought that was a pretty good effort.

Actually, the true number would be even higher – we weren’t very good at recording data until well into our business journey!

In business there are so many challenges that when you reach one milestone it’s easy to move straight along to the next one. This time we decided to stop and celebrate the wins.

We also wanted to take a moment to think about everything that has gotten us this far.

Rohan & I started Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning back in 2012. With backgrounds in mechanics and administration, we didn’t have any experience in carpet cleaning, but set about training right away through Nation Training on the Sunshine Coast. We knew that Colin Nation is the best in the industry and we wanted to be trained by the best!

In fact carpet cleaning in Australia is an unregulated industry so carpet cleaners are not required by law to be trained and certified. But it was important to us to have the knowledge and expertise behind us so that we could do the best work possible.

Along with our carpet cleaning training we also had to do a crash course in business. Our accountant once said that business is like an apprenticeship and the game all mixed in where nobody has told you the rules. Sort of like parenting I guess, you learn as you go!

It wasn’t until we had completed our carpet cleaning certification and operations were well underway that I enrolled in a formal business course. Without a doubt this was the best decision we could have made for our business.

It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Anyone who runs a business knows that there’s always a time deficit at the end of each day so it takes effort to find more time for extra things. I just kept reminding myself that, ‘You always have time for the things you put first.’ Even still, years after completing the course, we’re still working on the course material!

A lot of people measure business success by the number of employees they have, or by revenue figures. Creating good foundations has always been where our focus lies. The business course gave us a good well-rounded view of all the areas that needed our attention and strategies to complete them without experiencing overwhelm.

After we became more proficient in our main service offerings (carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning & rug cleaning) we expanded into hard surface cleaning such as tile & grout cleaning and vinyl floor strip & sealing.

We also found a lot of people requesting pest control services along with their carpet cleaning, especially vacating tenants. Soooo we undertook more training and became certified Pest Management Technicians as well. This made things a lot more streamlined and reduced the need for co-ordination between a range of different service providers.

Next we welcomed a trade qualified Airconditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic on board and began to provide airconditioner cleaning services.

So there has been a lot of ground covered and Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning has now grown into much more than just a carpet cleaning service. It’s a conglomerate of specialised cleaning and maintenance services.

We recently completed WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider Certification as well, making us the only approved WoolSafe® carpet cleaning provider in the Townsville region.

We will never rest on our laurels. We’ll always put focused attention on making sure that we are doing the best job we possibly can and that the customer journey is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. And we’ll keep finding more ways to bring massive value to all of our customers.

It’s been wonderful (and exhausting!) to look back on how far we’ve come and to celebrate all the achievements along the way.

We couldn’t do what we do without our loyal customers or the amazing people we have in our lives (you know who you are!). Thank you for your heartwarming support and for helping keep our dream alive.

Here’s to the next 300!

Rohan, Jess & the team

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